Cybersecurity is the ongoing effort to protect the networked systems and all of the data from unauthorized use or harm. On a personal level, a user in networked system needs to safeguard his identity, his personal data, and his computing devices. One should take care when choosing a username or alias for your online identity. The username should not include any personal information. It should be something appropriate and respectful. This username should not lead strangers to think he/she is an easy target for cyber crimes or unwanted attention.

All types of organizations, such as medical, financial, and education institutions, use networked system to operate effectively. They utilize the network by collecting, processing, storing, and sharing vast amounts of digital information. As more digital information is gathered and shared, the protection of this information is becoming even more vital.

In this section we will discuss about what organizational data is, and why it must be protected. we will also discuss about who the cyber attackers are and what they want. Cybersecurity professionals must have the same skills as the cyber attackers, but cybersecurity professionals must work within the bounds of the local, national and international law. Cybersecurity professionals must also use their skills ethically.

Articles in this section are the part my cybersecurity course on cisco netacademy. Therefore most of the topic I will discuss here are from my course resources.