Programming SQL NULL Values | A Little Discussion on NULL...

SQL NULL Values | A Little Discussion on NULL in SQL


In query SQL null values indicate the column with no values, or an empty column value. So a NULL value is an empty field in specific column. -where no value has been assigned.

When creating a table, or database, a field in a row left blank for not having appropriate data to fill in, so the table is saved with null values in that field. It is possible to insert data or update the table without adding data to that specific field(s).

Therefore it is worthwhile to remember that a NULL value in database is the field(s) that left blank during database creation.

SQL does not allow comparison operators ( =, <, > ) to test whether a field is null or not, rather it provide “IS NULL” or “IS NOT NULL” operator or constraint to check whether a field(s) in specific column is empty or not.

Query Syntax for SQL NULL Values

SELECT col-name-1, col-name-2, .. FROM table-name WHERE col-name IS NULL/IS NOT NULL AND/OR another-condition;

Now consider our movie table as shown below:

Table Name: Movies

1Carsjohn Lasseter2006
2UPPete Docter2009
4Toy StoryJohn Lasseter

So,  the query below will return following data.

SELECT * FROM Movies Where director IS NULL;

will return:


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